Practical Course

European Molecular Biology Organization

High-throughput methods for Protein

Production and Crystallization    


4 - 13 July, 2011 | CNRS, Université Aix-Marseille I & II | France

About the Practical Course

The major objectives of the course are to provide current knowledge in high-throughput methods for expression of soluble proteins and crystallization.

In continuation with the joint programme of the similar EMBO courses organized in Oxford and Marseille, we plan to largely cover protein expression in bacterial and eukaryotic systems using high-throughput methods to produce soluble proteins.

Target selection and domain design will be also covered together with the current advances in the design of mutlticonstruct and truncation libraries. Current approaches for expression, screening and stability of membrane proteins will be also included. A topic will be dedicated to the study of large protein complexes from expression detection to high-throughput purification and biophysical characterization.


Crystallization of proteins has always been a bottleneck in the process of structure determination and this topic will be largely covered. The course will dispense theoretical knowledge on crystallization and practical use of crystallization robots.


Recent progresses in this field will be presented, with particular emphasis on the use of binders for enhancing crystallization or high-throughput ligand screening to promote protein crystallization.



We look forward to welcome you to Marseille!


The Organizing Committee

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