In times when high-throughput data are the norm rather than the exception, computational skills to turn masses of data into tangible biological insights have become crucial. This course will teach advanced computational methods for analysis of high-throughput data in molecular biology, covering both inter-individual and inter-species variation in (meta-)genomes and linking it to clinical applications. The course will span protein and pathway level variation from single genomes to entire microbial communities.

The course is aimed at secondary data analysis, which is using published data sets in a novel manner rather than primary data analysis. It covers technical and strategic solutions to recurring problems in computational biology and provides a broad view of recent advances in the field.

Lectures introduce the concepts and technologies such as next-generation sequencing and high-throughput proteomics. The tutorial sessions will focus the application of such data in the context of an integrated research project. Speakers at the course have made major contributions in the analysis of functional genomics data, data integration, network analysis and applied phylogeny. The background of the participants can be either in computer science, bioinformatics or experimental biology.





The course will take place in a hotel in Catalonia and all speakers and participants will be housed there. Transfer is provided from Barcelona. read more

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