Conference Series



The Physiology of the
endoplasmic reticulum (ER):

Function and Dysfunction







15 - 19 October, 2012 |Caldes de Malavella| Spain

About the Conference Series

ER functions are highly conserved from yeast to mammals and are crucial to many metazoan processes, including development and the function of the immune, neuronal and endocrine systems. Indeed, mutations causing a reduction in ER functions have been reported to play a role in a large variety of genetic diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer.


Despite an enormous body of work that is being performed on this organelle and its various functions every year, there is no conference that is dedicated to understanding its function and the way it regulates all of its different roles in parallel.

The objective of this conference series is to bring together people from all the different disciplines of ER research to try and integrate theknowledge that has accumulated in the different fields and allow the emergence of a new and more holistic understanding of ER functions.

In addition, the conference organizers hold as an objective to create an environment that will be supportive of discussions and the emergence of new collaborations. Moreover, the organizers strive to create a conference that will give tools to young scientists to think and formulate the major problems in the field and to advance their research capabilities



We look forward to welcoming you in Girona!


The Organisers

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