Advances in Protein-Protein

Interaction Analysis & Modulation







6 - 9 June, 2012 | Station Biologique | Roscoff | France

About the Workshop

Protein-protein interactions play a central role in the regulation of all biological processes and represent a promising class of therapeutic targets. Methodological and conceptual advances are required to chart comprehensive protein interaction maps, apprehend the complexity of interaction networks, discover modulators of protein interactions, circumscribe focused chemical spaces.  

The workshop aims at bringing together experts from various fields who work on understanding and modulating protein-protein interactions.

The past decade has seen spectacular developments in the field of protein-protein interactions (PPIs). Well-established methods (based on yeast two-hybrid or mass spectrometry) have been performed at (sub-) proteomic scales in a number of model organisms and in human to produce protein interaction maps (interactomes).

Network science concepts and tools have been applied to apprehend the complexity of these interactomes and try to unveil topological and functional properties. The integration of ineractomics, genomics and structural genomics data has enabled first inventories of sequence motifs and structural folds involved in molecular recognition.

Protein interactions, which have generally been considered as undruggable by the pharmaceutical industry, have emerged as a promising class of therapeutic targets.

The growing list of small-molecule inhibitors of protein interactions and structures of protein complexes has allowed first efforts in circumscribing focused chemical spaces and in predicting the druggability of protein interactions.


These recent developments will be presented by 22 invited speakers, 40 posters and a few short talks selected from the submitted abstracts.



The broad scope of the workshop should provide a stimulating outlook of upcoming methodological and conceptual evolutions that will allow to complete protein interaction maps, gain deeper knowledge from interactome data, identify new therapeutic targets, discover vast collections of protein interaction modulators for research and therapeutic purposes.   


Topics will include:

  • Methodological developments to discover and analyze PPIs
  • Discovery of small-molecule modulators of PPIs
  • Analysis and exploitation of protein interaction networks
  • Chemoinformatics & modeling to define PPI-focused chemical spaces and predict PPI druggability


The participants will be given the opportunity to present their work during poster sessions in which the invited speakers will actively participate and discuss the work.

Key Dates

- registration = March 3, 2012
- early registration = December 20, 2011
- abstract submission = February 29, 2012

We look forward to welcoming you to Roscoff!

The Organisers

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