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16 - 21 June , 2012 | Girona | Spain

About the Conference Series

Gene transcription is a large, diverse and fast moving field, which crucially depends on interdisciplinary.

This meeting (the second EMBO conference in a series) aims to catalyze the transformation of the field from classical genetics, biochemistry and structural biology to functional genomics and molecular systems biology of gene transcription and regulation.

The way we think about transcription and transcriptional regulation changes rapidly as the field moves from genetics and biochemistry to systems biology.

The main goal of this second meeting of the Conference Series is to discuss and integrate the very latest information from different areas of research that control the same final process of the expression of genes, fundamental to life in all organisms.


The transcription field is a very large, diverse, and rapidly moving field and thus we will expand our view to high throughput analysis and network components.

There are clear and well demonstrated advantages of yeast as a model system for the study of the transcription process, highly conserved from yeast to human, and many crucial findings at the very frontier of this subject can be pinned to researchers from the yeast transcription field.


To stimulate the interaction between participants we ask for your active participation by submitting abstracts. Approximately 30 % of the speakers will be selected based on submitted abstracts for short talk presentations.

We look forward to welcoming you to Girona!
The Organising Committee
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