Conference Series



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Gene Regulatory Networks







16 - 21 June , 2012 | Girona | Spain

Programme (Outline)


Saturday, June 16    
  18.30 - 20.00 Welcome cocktail followed by dinner
  20.00 Welcome Chairs: F. Posas & D. Shore
  20.10 - 21.00 Opening Lecture Jerry L. Workman Co-transcriptional histone acetylation is a consequence of histone exchange.
Sunday, June 17    
  9.00 - 10.50 Session I
Global views of transcription (1)
Chair: Patrick Cramer
    9.00-9.30 Holstege, Frank Elucidating regulatory circuitry by expression-profiling targeted mutants.
    9.30-10.00 Steinmetz, Lars  Hidden layers of transcriptome complexity.
    10.00-10.30 Hernandez, Nouria A Multiplicity of Factors Contributes to Selective RNA polymerase III occupancy of a Subset of RNA polymerase III Genes in Mouse Liver.
    10.30-10.50 Gadal, Olivier Ribosomal DNA transcription from yeast to humans: conserved subunits and HMG-box factor.
  10.50 - 11.30 Coffee break
  11.30 - 12.50 Session II
Global views of transcription (2)
Chair: Steven Hahn
    11.30-12.00 Pugh, Frank Global organization of chromatin, their regulators, and the transcription machinery.
    12.00-12.30 Krogan, Nevan Functional Insights from Protein-Protein and Genetic Interaction Maps.
    12.30-12.50 Ström, Lena  The Saccharomyces cerevisiae cohesin loading protein Scc2 influences gene expression both in unchallenged cells and in response to a single DSB.
  13.00 - 15.30 Lunch
  15.30 - 17.10 Session III
RNA polymerase (1)
Chair: Frank Holstege
    15.30-16.00 Hahn, Steven Mechanisms used by yeast transcription activators.
    16.00-16.30 Winston, Fred Analysis of Spt6 function in S. Pombe and S. cerevisiae.
    16.30-16.50 Toczyski, Dave SAGA and Sirtuins regulate Ifh1 acetylation.
    16.50-17.10 Morse, Randall The role of the Mediator tail module in transcriptional activation.
  17.10 - 17.45 Coffee break
  17.45 - 19.05 Session IV
RNA polymerase (2)
Chair: Frank Pugh
    17.45-18.15 Cramer, Patrick CTD tyrosine phosphorylation impairs termination factor recruitment to transcribing RNA polymerase II.
    18.15-18.45 Buratowski, Stephen Connections between co-transcriptional mRNA processing and chromatin modifications.
    18.45-19.05 Robert, Francois  A proteomic pipeline for the dissection of the CTD code.
  19.30 - 21.00 Dinner
  21.00 - 23.00 Poster session I (1-45)
Monday, June 18    
  9.00 - 10.30 Session V
RNA polymerase (3)
Chair: Shelley Berger
    9.00-9.30 Svejstrup, Jesper RNAPII collision interrupts convergent transcription.
    9.30-9.50 Chávez, Sebastián Transcription factors favouring and preventing RNA Pol II backtracking.
    9.50-10.10 Colin, Jessie Road-block termination defines a new class of cryptic transcripts.
    10.10-10.30 Levin, David Sen1C- and Paf1C-mediated transcriptional attenuation is a wide-spread phenomenon in yeast.
  10.30 - 11.00 Coffee break
  11.00 - 12.40 Session VI
Chromatin (1)
Chair: Jesper Svejstrup
    11.00-11.30 Peterson, Craig  Chromatin Dynamics: Putting histones in their place.
    11.30-12.00 Brogaard, Kristin  A base pair resolution map of nucleosome positions in yeast.
    12.00-12.20 Korber, Philipp  Nucleosome positioning mechanisms in yeast as studied by genome-wide in vitro reconstitution.
    12.20-12.40 Ansari, Aseem Z. Chemical Genomic Dissection of the CTD code: Erasure of phospho-Ser7 marks on the CTD is vital for survival.
  13.00 - 15.30 Lunch
  15.30 - 17.00 Poster session II (1-45)
  17.00 - 17.30 Coffee break
  17.30 - 19.00 Session VIII
Chromatin (2)
Chair: Craig Peterson 
    17.30-18.00 Berger, Shelley Yeast lifespan extension via transcriptional regulation by the Iswi2 nuclesome remodeling complex.
    18.00-18.20 Pelet, Serge Transient activation of the HOG MAPK pathway leads to bimodal protein target expression.
    18.20-18.40 Schüller, Christoph The chromatin remodeller INO80 restores the nucleosome structure of stress regulated genes.
    18.40-19.00 Logie, Colin Bromodomain-bearing ATP-dependent remodelling complexes; from yeast to man.
  19.30 - 21.00 Dinner
Tuesday, June 19    
  9.00 - 10.20 Session IX
Transcription-coupled events (1)
Chair: Mordechai Choder 
    9.00-9.30 Aguilera, Andrés From transcription to genome instability: impact of RNAPII mutations and imbalance of mRNP biogenesis factors.
    9.30-10.00 Dargemont, Catherine mRNA journey from transcription to the nuclear pore complex: Focus on histone marks and ubiquitin modifications.
    10.00-10.20 Rodriguez-Navarro, Susana The Proteasomal/TREX-2 Subunit Sem1 Is Required for RNA Polymerase II Recruitment to SAGA-dependent Genes.
  10.20 - 11.00 Coffee break
  11.00 - 12.20 Session X
Transcription - coupled events (2)
Chair: Andrés Aguilera
    11.00-11.30 Choder, Mordechai  Gene expression is a circular system.
    11.30-12.00 Bühler, Marc Genome control by RNA turnover.
    12.00-12.20 Palancade, Benoit  Nuclear pore-associated proteins control mRNP metabolism through desumoylation of the THO complex
  12.30 - 14.30 Lunch
  14.30 - 19.00 Excursion
  19.30 - 21.00 Dinner
  21.00 - 23.00 Poster session III (46-90)
Wednesday, June 20    
  9.00 - 10.40 Session XI
Chromatin (3)
Chair: Brenda Andrews 
    9.00-9.30 Ladurner, Andreas Structural basis for the essential histone H2A-H2B chaperone function of FACT.
    9.30-10.00 Shilatifard, Ali Histone H2B Monoubiquitination in Gene Expression and Development.
    10.00-10.20 Tessarz, Peter Methylation of histone H2A Q105 regulates FACT accessibility to chromatin.
    10.20-10.40 Mas, Gloria  Methylation of histone H4 at lysines 5, 8 and 12 by yeast Set5 calibrates chromatin responses to stress.
  10.40 - 11.15 Coffee break
  11.15 - 12.45 Session XII
Signaling and Development
Chair: Jane Mellor
    11.15-11.45 Andrews, Brenda  Linking repressive chromatin to the cell cycle: functional genomics reveals new regulators of histone gene transcription in yeast. 
    11.45-12.05 Broach, James Transcriptional regulation of the yeast stress response through a dynamic interplay of signaling networks.
    12.05-12.25 Stillman, David Multiple chromatin regulators limit transcription factor access to the yeast HO promoter.
    12.25-12.45 Geli, Vincent The interaction between Spp1 and Mer2, the missing link between H3K4me3 and meiotic DNA breaks.
  13.00 - 15.30 Lunch
  15.30 - 17.00 Poster session IV (46-90)
  17.00 - 17.30 Coffee break
  17.30 - 19.00 Session XIII
Non-coding RNA
Chair: Andreas Ladurner
    17.30-18.00 Mellor, Jane Non-coding RNAs transcribed by RNA polymerase II act in trans at the rDNA spacer region to influence longevity, recombination and silencing.
    18.00-18.30 Stutz, Françoise Characterization of antisense mediated transcriptional gene silencing.
    18.30-19.00 Zenklusen, Daniel Dissecting the mechanism of ncRNA mediated PHO84 transcription regulation by single molecule resolution microscopy.
  20.00 Banquet and party
Thursday, June 21    
  10.00 -11.00 Session XIV Chair: David Shore
    10.00-10.30 Francesc Posas Control of gene expression by the Hog1 stress-activated protein kinase.
    Closing Lecture Proudfoot, Nicholas Transcriptional termination mechanisms in yeast: gene looping and non coding RNAs.
  12.00 Departure