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Autophagy can be induced in response to a multitude of physiological and pathological situations, but also occurs at basal levels in most tissues to selectively eliminate unwanted cellular components, and thereby protects against various diseases. The molecular mechanisms of autophagy, with a particular emphasis on the regulation of autophagosome biogenesis and the role of selective types of autophagy in health and disease, will be the main focus area of this meeting.

Autophagy is implicated in various physiological and pathological conditions, such as development, tissue homeostasis, immunity, tumor suppression and aging. Recent studies have highlighted the capacity of this pathway to specifically eliminate unwanted structures as aberrant protein aggregates, damaged organelles and invading pathogens and thereby protect against various types of disease, as neurodegeneration and cancer. The aim of this international conference series is to bring together experts from these emerging fields to promote exchange across disciplines. The third meeting in this series will focus on the molecular mechanisms underlying regulation and execution of autophagy, including the following topics:

  • Regulators of autophagy
  • Autophagosome biogenesis
  • Vps34, PI3P and autophagy
  • Autophagy receptor proteins
  • Selective types of autophagy
  • Autophagy and cell death
  • Autophagy and disease





We have chosen the unusual venue of a cruise boat (the Hurtigruten ship MS Trollfjord) for the 3rd workshop in this conference series. read more

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