The EMBO Practical Course will teach advanced methods and applications of computational biology for high-throughput data analysis in molecular biology with an emphasis on cancer genomics. The practical course will span protein and pathway level variation from single genomes to human population variation. The integration of proteomics and small molecule data will be covered, as well as linking to phenotypical data such as cancer types. It is aimed at experimental biologists analyzing such data as well as early stage bioinformaticians.

The background of the participants can be either in computer science or classical bioinformatics curricula or experimental biology.

We expect at least basic knowledge of command line environments (unix shell) and a scripting language such as Perl, Python or R. For participation, you can get knowledgable in these domains by self-training, e.g. by completing  tutorials on the shell (link), Perl (link) or R.

The focus of this EMBO Practical Course is translating research questions into code.

We will form groups of two that have competencies in both domains by pairing up participants.

While we provide a general training for computational biology, the main topic of the course is cancer genomics and genome variation. As an example, Chromothripsis, the dramatic events of chromosome shattering was discovered in 2011 using next-generation sequencing and expanded by works from the Korbel lab (Rausch et al. Cell, 2012).





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