The objective of the practical course is the education of young structural biologists in the field of Macromolecular Crystallography. Course sessions will cover the theoretical and practical aspects of the determination of the three dimensional structure of a biomacromolecule, from optimal diffraction data collection to experimental phasing. Besides the well established methods for phase determination like MAD/SAD and Molecular Replacement, special emphasis will be given to new methods like sulphurSAD (SSAD) and RIP (radiation damage induced phasing) as well as to automated structure determination.

Experimental phasing in protein crystallography is still one of the most challenging steps in structure determination and the exploitation of anomalous scatters in this step is the main approach. The key to success for such experiments consists in properly collecting diffraction data on a tuneable synchrotron beamline. Diffraction data need to be accurately processed and different software used to determine the position of the anomalous scatters and to calculate phase probability distribution. The course will make the students familiar with the methods of anomalous dispersion, in the data collection on a synchrotron beamline and in the software use in experimental phasing. Attention will also be given to new phasing methods (SSAD, RIP). Furthermore, practical session on the SR beamline will make participants familiar with the crystallography beamline and with the latest developments in data collection and automation.





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