The aim of this EMBO Practical Course is to introduce state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technologies in the field of analytical and preparative cytometry and to introduce into multiplexed cytometric “cytome” assessment, including cell mass spectrometry.
Furthermore, we will provide an introduction into intravital sample preparation and microscopy technique.

Internationally renowned experts will give lectures and teach in hands-on practical sessions.

The EMBO Practical Course on Intravital Microscopy, Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting aims at young scientists working in molecular biology and systems biology, providing them with technologies for the analysis and preparation of single cells and defined cell populations, expertise complementing and enhancing their molecular expertise. It will be a major focus of the course to teach handling of cells and evaluation of data, to sensitize applicants for an accurate analysis of cytometric and intravital imaging data and make them aware of possible pitfalls.

Invited experts from all over the word will give state of the art lectures and held 1-2 day practical demonstrations with hand-on experiments. Most of the teachers and their assistants will be present throughout the course to foster close contacts and discussions. In addition round table discussion will be organised in the evening, in order to present and discuss raw data from all participants. These discussions will be performed with the experts to provide tips and tricks and give real direct help in troubleshooting.

The EMBO Practical Course on Intravital Microscopy, Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting is suitable for PostDocs and experienced PhDs working in areas of basic or applied life science.




The course will take place in the Deutsches Rheuma-Forschungszentrum Berlin (DRFZ) in the city center of Berlin (www.drfz.de). read more

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