The DNA damage response (DDR) is a complex signaling network including cell cycle checkpoints, DNA repair and damage tolerance pathways. The DDR is affected by – and in turn impacts on – myriad cellular components and processes, which include chromatin structure, DNA replication, telomeres, cell growth and cell-cycle status. Failure of the DDR or associated events causes genomic instability, an underlining cause of several human syndromes and also associated with various age-related diseases, particularly cancer. Notably, DNA damaging agents are also used in cancer therapy and drugs targeting DNA damage response enzymes are exhibiting an exciting potential as new anti-cancer agents.

The conference we propose will cover topics including:

  • DNA damage detection and signalling
  • Pathways of DNA repair
  • DNA replication
  • DNA damage response and the normal cell physiology
  • Chromatin structure
  • Ubiquitylation and related processes
  • Ageing, disease and therapeutic applications.





Grecotel Cape Sounio,


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