Thanks for your interest in participating in our EMBO Conference in Systems dynamics in endocytosis, Unfortunately it is now been completely booked.

Endocytosis plays a key role during the physiology and the development of cells. Recent work shows that it plays key roles during signaling, homeostasis and mechanics of the cell. The developments in this field during the last couple of years has been spectacular, including the unraveling of the machineries involved in membrane fission and fusion at the plasma membrane and in multivesicular endosomes, the systems biology of the endocytic pathway (which molecules and cellular systems impinge on endosomal dynamics), the role of endosomal structures during infection in disease and during signaling in development, the deep understanding of endosomal motility, etc.

Once the machineries for endocytosis and endosomal trafficking are discovered, the field became mature to understand the system from a more quantitative perspective. These are developments happening right now. While the importance of Endocytosis in neurobiology, immunology and cellular microbiology has been recognized for some years, the almost ubiquitous importance of Endocytosis for cell signalling and tissue morphogenesis has only emerged very recently, and we are now starting to see the importance of Endocytosis for the prevention of diseases such as cancer. Importantly, not only is Endocytosis research becoming increasingly central in biology, it is making giant leaps because of improved technologies within genetics, model systems, imaging and systems biology. Never before have the challenges and opportunities in endocytosis research been of this magnitude.





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