ABOUT THE workshop


The main objective of this EMBO Workshop is to bring together a representative group of outstanding scientist from diverse fields, to discuss different aspects of the glycoproteins behaviour and its implications in disease. Glycoproteins play a key role in metabolic pathways and, in some cases, have been suggested as the inducing factor of highly prevalent pathologies, such as diabetes, Alzheimer and prion diseases.
An essential aspect for understanding the role of glycoproteins is their structural characterization. Unfortunately, after more than 50 years of structural biology, still very little is known about the structural determinants of the resulting glycoconjugates. The field is now quickly awakening because of the increasing importance of glycosylation and glycation for understanding metabolic pathways and pathology.

Therefore this workshop is aimed at providing a forum where different molecular aspects from structure to function will be covered. We also want to discuss new techniques that may be applied to the study of glycoproteins and to create an effective crosstalk between fields.

This workshop will cover different aspects of glycoproteins, going from molecular structure to disease implications. We also want to discuss new techniques that may be applied to the study of glycoproteins. The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Glycation and Glycosylation in disease
  • Production of glycoproteins
  • Structural aspects of glycoproteins
  • Computational studies of glycoproteins
  • New frontiers in glycoprotein studies





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