ABOUT THE Workshop

The principle theme of the EMBO workshop is to bring together researchers who use or plan to use high throughput technologies to study the interaction of infectious diseases with the host cell and organism and also of the pathogen itself. This is with a view to explore how these technologies can be exploited and combined and what new developments are required to maximize the potential of these approaches.

Infectious diseases interact with the host to promote their replication by subverting host cell pathways and combating defense mechanisms. Despite the microbiological world being very diverse, these different organisms are likely to use similar processes to achieve this. Knowing these at a cellular and organismal level will allow us to make great in roads into understanding the molecular basis of disease and designing novel therapeutic strategies. Omic approaches provide perhaps the best approach to address these issues. Reflecting this microbiological diversity the workshop will bring together a mix of scientists whose work focuses on pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi) together with bioinformaticians, software developers, mathematical modelers, and practitioners of Omic approaches. The workshop will consist of a mixture of invited speakers, offered papers, discussion and poster sessions to promote Omic approaches to infectious disease research. To facilitate the participation of early career scientists at the workshop travel bursaries are available.





Radisson Blu Hotel Liverpool.

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