The aim of this course is to provide practical training in the use of RNA interference (RNAi) methods in various biological systems. A particular focus will be on high-throughput RNAi screening approaches in human cells, and in model organisms such as Drosophila. Novel experimental approaches will be applied to measure synthetic genetic interactions like gene-gene and gene-drug interaction. The course will have a particular emphasis on computational methods to analyze high-throughput RNAi experiments.

The course will include lectures on the background of RNAi analysis, hands-on training in the setup of screening experiments and tutorials on data analysis and interpretation. Participants will learn how to setup experiments for high-throughput RNAi screening using simple readouts such as homogenous luciferase assays and high-content analysis by automated imaging. Data analysis approaches and integration with other genomic data sets will be taught in tutorials and practicals, also using R/Bioconductor.

The experiments will provide participants a broad experience on what assays, screening setups and data analysis question they might encounter in their own projects. The course is designed to teach screening technologies in an integrated manner, from experimental design, conducting the experiment and the data analysis. The course is aimed at PhD students and post-doctoral researchers who are currently using or planning to utilize RNAi methods.





EMBL Advanced Training Centre
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Meyerhofstraße 1
69117 Heidelberg, Germany 

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