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Mosquitoes and other hematophagous arthropods are vectors of parasitic and viral diseases that together are responsible annually for over 300 million clinical cases and one million deaths. The lack of effective prevention and the complexity of the disease lifecycles require integrated approaches to disease control, elimination and eventual eradication. This EMBO Conference provides a forum for dissemination of novel scientific data contributing to the mitigation of burden of vector-borne diseases.

The general emphasis of the conference is on molecular biological, genomic and genetic analyses of vector populations to provide a firm basis for novel identification, suppression and modification approaches. The latest ecological and behavioral studies, population genetics and analyses of insecticide resistance, and other contemporary control methods will be also presented. The goal is to provide attendees with a comprehensive exposure to the latest advances in both basic and applied vector biology and foster the development of research interactions and collaborations. The conference is structured into eight sessions that cover most aspects of vector biology in which molecular and population research has had a big impact in recent years and a concluding session where examples of innovation and translation will be highlighted. Invited plenary talks aim to highlight recent progress in malaria elimination and future challenges.


Travel grants will be provided to participants from low/middle income disease endemic countries and MRes/PhD students.

Deadline is extended to 27 March 2013, 5.00 pm GMT





Orthodox Academy of Crete

Kolymbari Chania
Crete 73006

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