Nuclear receptors are the best understood regulators of transcription. They play a role in all developmental and physiological processes and are important drug targets in a wide variety of disease and healthy states.
The EMBO Conference will be structured around three themes where the advances have been most rapid:

1. Understanding the details of the molecular mechanisms of nuclear receptor function and the function of the coregulator complexes they recruit. 2. Understanding nuclear receptor action at the genome level both in terms of a fundamental understanding of gene expression, and also understanding the concerted changes a genome undergoes during tissue differentiation and metabolic regulation.
3. Harnessing the impact of genome wide approaches, as well as tissue and animal based models, to understand the role of nuclear receptors in regulation of whole animal physiology.

The objectives of the EMBO Conference are to allow cutting edge developments to be shared with the field and to foster the integration of young scientist and group leaders into the nuclear receptor research community.





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