Viruses can be both foes and friends, depending on their pathogenic or symbiotic nature, but also depending on the context of the infection, the physiological status of the host, or its ecological situation. The objectives of this EMBO Workshop are to promote and shape the common advances of the network of plant virologists towards a better comprehensive understanding of the impact that viruses of plants (and more generally of "green" organisms) have on their hosts and on ecosystems.

To emphasize the diverse impacts that viruses have on their hosts at different scales, the program of this EMBO Workshop is organized into 6 sessions covering the whole continuum of biological integration levels: viral molecules structure and function, virus-host interactions at the molecular and cellular levels, trafficking in and between cells, host colonization process and host defense mechanisms, viral evolution and population dynamics, host-to-host transmission by vectors, molecular epidemiology and ecology.

The six sessions are:

  1. Translation, Replication and Recombination
  2. Intra- and inter-host movement
  3. RNA silencing
  4. Resistance mechanisms other than silencing
  5. Epidemiology, population genetics and evolution
  6. Molecular ecology

The Workshop aims at transcending the organization levels of biology of plant-virus interactions. It will thus be a unique opportunity to favor cross-disciplinary collaborations among scientists, and to promote knowledge advancement on the mechanisms involved in plant-pathogen interactions from the molecular level to its integration in all upper organization levels.

Bringing together leading scientists with recognized expertise, with young promising researchers, will allow exciting discussions on recent progresses and the elaboration of possible future scenarios.





Club Belambra "Les criques" is located in a secluded peninsula of the Mediterranean coast, on the French Riviera (south of France) and offers an exceptionally relaxed atmosphere, prone to intense scientific discussions among participants.
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