Eukaryotic RNA turnover is increasingly recognized as a key regulatory step of gene expression and an important quality control mechanism. The structural organization of the RNA decay machinery and the coordinated action of ribonucleases are subject of intense studies. This conference will present the latest results in this area with a specific focus on the contribution of altered RNA degradation to human diseases.

This meeting aims to spur discussions on the latest results in the field of eukaryotic RNA turnover including medical implications of RNA degradation and its role in genetic diseases, integration of RNA decay in cellular functions and networks, transcriptome-wide analyses of mRNA decay, systems biology approaches assessing the contribution of RNA turnover to global gene expression programs, identity and atomic structures of RNA decay factors, as well as on the organization of these factors in complexes and pathways and their mode of regulation. The diversity of mechanisms used by unicellular and multicellular organisms, including surveillance pathways, will be explored. The conference will provide a platform for presenting advances in methods development and the use of interdisciplinary approaches, both from invited speakers and from up to 20 participants selected from abstract submissions.





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