Information transfer is a central aspect of biology, and signaling within and between cells is a fundamental aspect of the functioning of multicellular organisms. It has long been established that signaling over long distances between cells requires specific and regulated mechanisms to transport signaling molecules and generate functional gradients to control processes such as chemotaxis, axon guidance, developmental differentiation and others.

In recent years it has become increasingly clear that sophisticated and diverse mechanisms are required for information transfer and signaling WITHIN cells. It is now appreciated that diffusion alone is not sufficient to account for effective transfer of different signals from the cell surface to the nucleus against unfavorable enzymatic activities. Long distance communication within cells requires protected or facilitated mechanisms of signal propagation over any intracellular distance of more than a few micrometers. Furthermore, experimental observations and theoretical analyses show that information encoded in movement of large molecular complexes or nucleic acids likewise requires facilitated mechanisms of intracellular transport or propagation.

Different communities of researchers are interested in spatial aspects of propagation of intracellular signals and information within cells, including theoreticians, cell biologists and neurobiologists. Information transfer within large and morphologically complex cells (such as neurons) requires specialized mechanisms to facilitate signals propagation. Proposed mechanisms include signaling 'waves' propagating over distance or motor driven transport of signaling endosomes or signaling complexes. Malfunction of intracellular propagation of survival and other signals in cells is tightly linked with disease etiology in the nervous and immune systems, thus both basic researchers and clinicians are equally interested in the mechanisms involved.

The aim of this EMBO Conference Series is to provide a unique platform for communication and interaction between the scientists involved in these diverse research communities.

Conference themes will include:

  • Computational Approaches to Cell Biology
  • Intracellular Dynamics in Spatial Signaling
  • Synthetic and Chemical Biology Approaches
  • RNA Localization for Spatial Specification of Signaling
  • Robustness in Signaling Networks
  • Long Distance Communication in Neuronal Processes
  • Dynamics and Kinetics of Cellular Signaling
  • Cell Size Sensing
  • Hot topics talks selected from abstract submissions





The Isrotel Ganim Hotel lies at the heart of the Ein Bokek tourist area. The hotel offers a warm, relaxed atmosphere, and is an ideal venue for our conference.

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