Cell membranes must on the one hand act as impermeable barriers, and, on the other, allow the regulated passage of selected ions, molecules and macromolecules. The transport of proteins across membranes, in particular, underlies processes fundamental to life, such as secretion and organelle biogenesis. The use of different innovative experimental approaches to investigate protein translocation in a wide variety of systems has recently led to exciting advances that will be covered in this conference.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Sec61/SecYEG translocon (ER and prokaryotes)

  • Integration of membrane proteins

  • Organelle architecture

  • Import into mitochondria/chloroplasts

  • Twin arginine translocase (prokaryotes and chloroplasts)

  • Oxa1/YidC (prokaryotes and mitochondria)

  • Unconventional translocation; export of parasite proteins; entry of toxins

  • Specialized secretion systems of prokaryotes

  • Biogenesis of peroxisomes

  • ER Associated Degradation

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