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The centrosome and centrosome-related organelles are major microtubule organizing centers and play diverse roles in polarity, signaling, cell division and cell movement. In addition, the core structures that make the centrosomes, the centrioles, are essential for cilia and flagella formation. In this EMBO Conference we will discuss the structure and function of centrosomes as well as their role in diseases such as cancer and ciliopathies. Registration will be available from 15TH FEBRUARY 2014 and will close on the 15TH JUNE 2014. Please note that because of venue size, attendance will be limited to 300 people.

The field of centrosome biology is multidisciplinary, comprising of a variety of approaches; such as structural biology, cell biology, biochemistry, proteomics, systems biology and microscopy, including super-resolution microscopy and cryo-EM. This conference will bring together researchers from multiple disciplines that work on different organisms to promote the exchange of new ideas and experimental approaches. Topics that will be covered at the conference include:

  • Centrosome, Spindle Pole Bodies and Cilia Structure
  • Centrosome, Spindle Pole Bodies and Cilia Biogenesis
  • Evolution of Microtubule Organizing Centers
  • Centrosome and Cilia during Development
  • Centrosome and Cilia abnormalities in Human Disease












Image credit: Susana Gouveia

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