The 2014 EMBO Practical Course on 3D Developmental Imaging is aimed at young developmental biologists, interested in answering specific questions that require 3D imaging of tissue architecture, cell movement and tissue morphogenesis in whole embryos and which cannot rely on conventional imaging techniques.

Interest in 3D microscopy and applications to the study of developmental biology have been gaining interest with the latest development of mesoscopic imaging techniques (e.g. light-sheet microscopy and optical microTomography). As well as the wide availability of tools for analyzing 3D images from confocal and multiphoton images, which are providing novel insights into morphogenetic processes in vivo and/or in toto. Participants in this 4th edition of the EMBO Practical Course will have the opportunity to learn and test state-of-the-art techniques/protocols for imaging whole embryos/organs. Attendees are expected to apply the techniques to their experimental model of choice, obtain high quality 3D images, learn to manage, process and analyse multi-dimensional data-sets, and learn strategies for publishing 3D images/movies.

Applicants are encouraged to bring their own materials to the course (e.g. embryos, stains etc). Processing of fixed embryos can be done locally to optimize protocols for 3D imaging. For observation of live embryos, we have facilities for rearing sea urchin, drosophila, zebra-fish, chick and mouse embryos, though other models may be possible upon request.

The techniques available will be:

  • Widefield and deconvolution Confocal – laser scanning and spinning disk and multiphoton
  • Light-sheet microscopy (Ultramicroscope, Zeiss Z1, SPIM, DSLM)
  • Optical projection tomography (or X-ray tomography – upon request)





The course will be held at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC) in Oeiras, a major research institution in Portugal

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