The principal theme of the EMBO Conference is the Molecular and Developmental Biology of Drosophila. The conference has been supported by EMBO for over thirty years and awarded the status of EMBO CONFERENCE in 2000.  This will be the 19th biennial Crete meeting.


The objective of this EMBO Conference is to bring together an international group of principal investigators to present their findings on gene organisation and expression, development, pattern formation, neurobiology and the evolution of Drosophila.


The meeting is one of a small number of international workshops that cover a broad topic while limiting attendance to about 100 participating principal investigators in order to foster close interactions between leading Drosophila research labs.


Participants will be selected from the applications by the vote of the organizing committee.


Participants are expected to attend the entire conference and present a short talk on their work.




Orthodox Academy of Crete,
730 06 Kolymbari,
Chania, Crete,

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The Organizers are grateful to Thom Kaufman, Henry Krause, Peter Lawrence, Susan Russo and the OAC for providing photographs.