The integration of membrane trafficking with metabolic and signaling pathways is an emerging research area. We already have profound knowledge about the components of membrane trafficking system on one hand, and about signaling pathways on the other hand. However, our knowledge on how the endomembrane system receives input from cellular signaling, or how endomembranes generate cell-autonomous regulatory signalling circuits, and how signal transduction is modulated by cellular organelles, remains sketchy. The objective of this EMBO Workshop is to bring together scientists working in the field of Signaling with those working in the field of endomembrane traffic.

Topics include:

  • Trafficking between the ER and the Golgi
  • Endocytosis
  • Spatial regulation of small GTPase signaling
  • Regulation of MAPK signaling
  • Organelle biogenesis
  • Autophagy





The venue is part is a modern part of a monastery that was first established in the 16th century of the last millennium.

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