Research in biological catalysis is undergoing major changes and the field is expanding owing to integration of efforts across different disciplines and application of state-of-the-art methods. This EMBO Conference will bring together leading European and US enzymologists working on biological catalysis, mechanisms and systems.

 In-depth understanding of catalysis is challenging and this underpins exploitation of enzymes in processing, chemicals manufacturing and drug discovery. With the increased importance of industrial biotechnology, there has never been a better time to move towards design/redesign of enzyme catalysts in a predictable way using a structural-mechanistic knowledge base.

This EMBO Conference will be an interdisciplinary meeting embracing structural, computational and chemical disciplines, that will appeal to researchers (established and younger workers). It is a continuation of the EMBO Conference series on the theme of Enzyme Mechanisms, previously held in Hamburg (2010) and Groningen (2012), and the biannual Trends in Enzymology conferences.

We aim at this meeting to capture the global field-leading developments that will contribute to the underpinning science base and enable more effective exploitation of enzyme catalysts in industrial processes.





Manchester Conference Centre
Weston Building
Sackville Street


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