The EMBO Practical Course of “Molecular Genetic with fission yeast” will be held at the Pasteur Institute located in central Paris. The course is aimed at graduate students who will be utilising fission yeast to address a question in eukaryotic biology. Classical and up-to-date molecular and cellular genetics will be cover. Technologies, such as live cell imaging and genome analyses such as Chip are evolving at the same remarkable pace in fission yeast biology as they are in biology in general.


The Molecular Genetics with fission yeast is the 9th of a series of highly successful EMBO Practical Courses that have been running since 1994. The specialised nature of modern biology means that many fission yeast labs focus in a niche area. We aim to cover a broad spectrum of fission yeast technologies so that the course will be of as much utility to those coming from established fission yeast labs, that are embedded in a particular niche area, as it will to those with no experience with fission yeast. The selected instructors are using these technologies in their labs and so will be passing on cutting edge technologies to the students on the course.





Institut Pasteur,

25-28 rue du Dr Roux,

75015 Paris,


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