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Very recently, by expanding the knowledge of modern molecular biology and medicine, Glycosciences have become more vibrant. At long last, the importance of glycans in biological processes has started to be appreciated. Glycosciences provides us with solutions and offer tools for demanding health problems.

Glycobiology and Glycochemistry are the two main and intertwined areas of Glycosciences, dealing with various aspects of glycans, including carbohydrate structure, biochemistry, biological functions and applications. This EMBO Workshop aims to instigate the creation of “scientifically bilingual” investigators fluent in glycan chemistry and biology. This is necessary in order to sustain and advance the identification of key glycobiological aspects and the application of Glycans and Glycoengineering strategies in the design of novel therapies to improve human health.

At the end of this EMBO Workshop, the participants should be able to discuss distinct scientific subjects within the scope of Glycosciences.

Themes covered will include:

  • Glycochemistry
  • Glycans in human physiological mechanisms
  • Glycans and Cancer
  • Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation
  • Biosynthesis of disease related carbohydrate antigens
  • Methods in Glycosciences


The workshop includes easy-to-understand lectures, provided by scientists and renowned professors working in Glycosciences. Lectures are focused on the modern knowledge, methods and applications in Glycosciences and aim to encourage discussion among participants. An e-learning platform with video recorded lectures will also be available for students to get in-depth information about Glycobiology and Glycochemistry.
Selected Presentations:
It also includes Oral presentations (10 minutes + 5 minutes discussion) selected from early stage researchers and students. Ample time is provided for discussions both formally after the presentations but also in an informal atmosphere during the workshop.
A poster sneak preview and two poster sessions are included in the workshop. The posters will be available for viewing throughout the entire meeting.

In a group participants will be asked to discuss research articles related with Glycosciences and then to prepare a small presentation at the end of the workshop. The presentations will be supervised by teachers and evaluated by everyone.

During the Workshop:

Participants are encouraged to approach speakers to discuss topics related with the workshop and may request private meetings. During one lunch, the participants will have the chance to select a teacher to share a table. A poster quiz game and prize will be held to promote interaction between poster presenters and all participants.




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