Understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying membrane trafficking pathways has provided crucial insights into several fundamental events such as cell differentiation, motility and polarization, as well as numerous health related issues, including neurodegenerative diseases and regeneration. The field of membrane trafficking combines classical cell biology with other disciplines (i.e. molecular biology, biophysics) and novel, innovative and advanced techniques, to generate many breaking discoveries. It is therefore essential to keep in pace with this fast moving and exciting research area.

The 2014 “Current Advances in Membrane Trafficking: implications for cell polarity” EMBO Workshop in Llanuras de Diana, Chile will cover recent advances in organelle biology and membrane traffic, such as endoplasmic reticulum to Golgi traffic, sorting and exit from the Golgi, trafficking in polarized epithelia, endocytosis and signaling, neuronal membrane trafficking including microtubule based transport and its involvement in axon/dendrite formation, regeneration and neurodegeneration. Recent major advances in these areas and other late-breaking discoveries will be covered at the workshop.

One of the important objectives of this EMBO workshop is to provide members of the Latin-American scientific community working on membrane trafficking, specially young individuals, with a regional, focused and timely event where they will present their work and actively interact with international leading scientists working in this field.







The venue is located in the beautiful southern region of Magellan, in the Chilean Patagonia close to Puerto Natales. This region is recognized as one of the most beautiful places of Chile. read more

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