The formation and the function of neural circuits has gained major understanding in the recent past, largely driven by the development of new tools at the interface between molecular biology, genetics, and advanced microscopy. These tools do not only provide better visualization of nervous system development in real time but also allow manipulation of developmental processes and neural physiology in vivo.

The main goal of this EMBO Workshop is to bring together developmental, molecular, and behavioral neuroscientists to discuss emerging technologies and landmark discoveries in neural circuit research. The workshop aims to build a bridge between molecular aspects of pattern formation in sensory systems, opto-genetic dissection of physiological function, and behavioral outputs of brain circuitries. We wish to foster an active dialogue between these disciplines and to stimulate an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and research tools. Special attention will be given to the active participation of young scientists, such as students, postdocs and junior group leaders and to create a stimulating scientific atmosphere with talks, discussions, poster sessions and social events.




The conference will be held in Albert Long Hall, Bogazici University,


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