Paramagnetism is a unique tool in chemistry for the investigation of materials and complex systems including supramolecular assemblies, especially in the presence of internal flexibility. The EMBO Practical Course will provide theoretical and practical insights for optimal use of the protocols in order to study molecular structure and dynamics through solution and solid state NMR, using the information related to the presence of paramagnetic metal ions.

The EMBO Practical Course focuses on schemes for the acquisition of the NMR spectra of paramagnetic systems and on the analysis of the information that can be retrieved from the paramagnetic restraints. It will describe the main approaches used to characterize molecules and their complexes and on the characterization of the relaxation profiles of paramagnetic systems through field dependent measurements. We aim to cover hyperpolarization techniques, that are becoming increasingly important for improving the sensitivity of the NMR experiments, both in solution and in the solid state. In order not to limit the use of paramagnetism to metalloproteins, essential in this context is the use of rigidly binding lanthanide tags. Access will be provided to the advanced NMR instruments and software tools available at CERM.





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