The EMBO Workshop will focus on new research on the protein and lipid machinery that underpin vesicular trafficking, now recognized to be key to understanding normal cell function and survival. The goal of this workshop are to provide insight into the

  1. Regulation of biosynthetic processes
  2. Vesicle formation
  3. Selective sorting mechanisms in the secretory, endocytic and autophagic pathways.

Addressing these goals will contribute to our understanding cell growth and survival. Additionally, by identifying and testing new paradigms we will contribute towards fundamental research in cell biology and provide molecular explanations for human disease.

There has been a significant expansion in our knowledge on protein-protein and increasingly protein-lipid interactions. The latter help explain the way in which membranes act as part of the process of vesicle and cargo exchange, as well as providing a means of understanding organelle identity. Given the increasingly detailed understanding of protein-lipid interactions at the atomic level, this conference that evaluates new data on highly specialized protein machines in light of our knowledge of regulatory and functional lipids, is timely. The workshop topics will cover ER functions, trafficking through the Golgi, endocytosis, signalling and trafficking in the endolysosomal pathway, mitochondria, and autophagy. The combination of these diverse, but interrelated topics, will stimulate research and advance our understanding of these basic mechanisms.





Goldegg am See is an attractive, quiet village on a lake which provides a secluded environment for the workshop.

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