Transcription, the first step in gene expression, plays a central role in many aspects of biology. Work in the unicellular yeasts, where powerful genetic, molecular and biochemical methods have been developed and exploited, has played an important role in this field and continues to do so today. This EMBO Conference brings together scientists applying a wide range of approaches, from “systems” to “atomic” levels, to address current challenges in the field.

Although the molecules and mechanisms involved in transcription and its regulation in eukaryotic organisms have been studied for several decades now, a detailed understanding of many fundamental issues is still lacking. Some of the topics that will be discussed at this meeting include:

  • Transcription at the single-cell level
  • Genome-wide views of transcription
  • RNA Polymerases – structure and function
  • Chromatin and transcription
  • Transcriptional responses to environmental signals
  • Regulatory mechanisms and gene networks





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