Viruses of microbes are the largest biological entity on planet earth. Despite their omnipresence, many aspects of the biology of viruses of microorganisms, the interaction with their hosts, and their ecological impact are not well understood. Furthermore, these viruses offer a broad repertoire of tools which can be harnessed for a variety of applications in medicine, food safety, and biotechnology. The Viruses of Microbes Meeting aims to bring together researchers working on all aspects of these organisms, ranging from fundamental research on structure, genetics, and molecular mechanisms, to biotechnology and applications.

Decades of research on viruses of microbes led to major discoveries in biology. The scientific community is currently witnessing the dawn of a new era of microbial virology, with emerging fields in genomics, ecology, and biotechnology. Microbial viruses represent the most abundant biological entities on earth and these numbers raise important questions and concerns about the impact of microbial viruses on global ecology, microbial evolution, and microbial physiology and immunity. Viruses are also recognized as the driving force of microbial evolution and diversity. This conference series is intended to bring together the key players from all fields of research and provide ample opportunity to exchange ideas. For the first time, we also include a significant number of speakers working on the field of archeal and fungal viruses. Moreover, this conference will promote the actions of the International Society for the Viruses of Microbes (ISVM) and functions as the official bi-annual meeting of these societies.

The conference will cover the following topics:

  1. Structure Biology
  2. Virus-host Interaction
  3. Metagenomics, Ecology and Evolution
  4. Viruses of Archea and Fungi
  5. Genetics and Molecular Mechanisms
  6. Biotechnology and Applications











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