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Cellular synapsis for cell-cell signalling

26 – 29 May 2015 | San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid), Spain

About the workshop

Whereas it has long been assumed that signalling proteins function as classic paracrine factors and that synaptic signalling between distant cells is characteristic only of neurons, recent progress in the field of morphogen signalling provides evidence of an alternative model. Work principally in Drosophila, but also in chick, zebrafish, sea urchin and frog, shows that morphogen signalling in many contexts is mediated by specialized filopodia (“cytonemes”) that reach across long distances to transport signals at sites of contact between producing and target cells. These observations suggest that exchange of signals at synapses could be an unanticipated general mechanism of paracrine signalling.

The objective of this EMBO Workshop is to bring together researchers who study morphogen signalling, filopodia formation and dynamics, axon guidance and neuronal signalling, exosomes, nanotubes and wavefront-engineering microscopy. This mix of topics and interests, which all pertain to synaptic signalling by neuronal and non-neuronal cells, has not previously been understood to be functionally related, but a workshop that brings them together promises to be an exciting opportunity for cross-fertilization.

Registration & abstract submission deadline

30 April 2015

Selected participants will be notified by

30 April 2015

Payment deadline

15 May 2015

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Registration & abstract submission deadline

30 April 2015

Selected participants will be notified by

30 April 2015

Payment deadline

15 May 2015









Registration includes:

  • Catering (lunch, dinner, coffees and drinks)

Accommodation is not included. After the selection process, selected participants should contact the hotel directly to make a booking.


Any questions regarding the registration or related to the workshop organization should be addressed to:



C/ del Rey, 38. 28200
San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid) –
Telephone: +34 91 896 7077/7000 or +34 91 896 7000

The prices will be 74 € + 10% VAT per person in a single room with breakfast buffet included and 61 € + 10% VAT per person in shared double room with breakfast buffet included.



Payment details will be sent by email to successful applicants.


Selection criteria

We will take special care to select scientists to attend and present their research who are at an early stage of their career. As the workshop intends to be inter-disciplinary, we will select participants on the basis of scientific excellence in the areas of developmental biology, cell signaling, cell adhesion, actin dynamics, live imaging, cell biology, neurobiology and biophysics in different experimental systems.

Among the invited speakers who are working on signalling mechanisms during development, several have not adopted the concept of filopodia-mediated cell-cell signalling to the systems they study. Based on our experience at other conferences on morphogenetic gradients, this issue creates very "spirited" discussion. Students and early career scientists have shown particular interest in these exchanges. In addition, the invited neurobiologists who are specialists in synaptic processes and the issue of cellular synapsis in non-neuronal cells are expected to stimulate interesting and provocative discussions.



Poster specifications:  size (80 cm wide X 120 cm long)

Sufficient space for a poster sessions is planned (daily 2 hours in the afternoon and 2 hours in the evening).

The venue for the poster session and the conference room are in the hotel.
The posters will be available for viewing throughout the entire meeting.
All posters will be displayed in one room.




Isabel Guerrero

Phone: +34 91 196 4680




venue map


Euroforum Infantes
Calle del Rey, 38
28200 San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Telephone number: +34 91 8967000
Web page:


The venue “Casa de los Infantes” (EUROFORUM campus) is right in the historic centre of San Lorenzo de El Escorial in front of the Royal Monastery. It is an historical village at 45 km north of Madrid City and 65 km from Madrid-Barajas airport.


“Casa de los Infantes” (EUROFORUM campus) was designed at the end of the 18th century as a place of residence for the sons of Carlos IV (the Infantes). In 1991 the building was fully renovated respecting its historic value. In 2011 the Campus underwent an ambitious modernization and revamp, designed both on a technological level (infrastructure-wise), as well as on a residential one, placing it at the forefront of business campuses in Europe. There is audiovisual equipment in the conference room (projection screen, TV, presenter, PC, video). There is a free and unlimited access Wi-fi connection throughout the campus.


The venue is a four stars hotel and has all the necessary services to ensure the highest quality. Rooms are in the same building as the workshop and poster sessions. The auditorium has a capacity for 120 participants and there are additional meeting rooms for poster sessions.            



There are trains and busses to commute directly from Barajas Airport to the village of San Lorenzodel Escorial. In addition, the hotel EUROFORUM will provide special buses to and from the airport.