The EMBO Workshop will teach advanced methods and applications of computational biology for high throughput data analysis in molecular biology. Its primarily addresses early stage experimental biologists facing in large-scale data analysis and computational scientists with previously limited exposure to experimental biology. Practical skills for data analysis will be developed in seven half-day sessions and applied in a joint research project. Shortly before the workshop some speakers will present their scientific research at the The International Symposium for Frontier in Bioinformatics.

Among individual variation of genomes will be covered and linked to clinical and phenotypical data in the context of large-scale sequencing in clinical and metagenomics settings. State-of-the art proteomics and small molecule data and their networks will be integrated. Methods will be introduced but the course focuses on question-driven analysis by integrating a multitude of data.
Lectures will provide an update on technologies such as next-generation sequencing and proteomics and downstream analysis for pathways and phenotypic information.






OIST Seaside House
7542 Onna, Onna-Son, Kunigami,

Okinawa 904-0411


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