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Retinal proteins

2–7 October 2016 | Potsdam, Germany

Early registration & abstract submission deadline

30 April 2016

Late registration & abstract submission deadline

31 May 2016

Selected participants will be notified by

30 June 2016

Payment deadline

15 July 2016

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About the conference

17th ICRP

Retinal proteins are the richest class of all photoreceptors including visual proteins, light-activated transporters and channels. Studies on visual rhodopsins have allowed us to develop a deep insight into light-induced conformational changes, charge transfer reactions, protein transfer reactions, and protein-bound water network rearrangements on timescales ranging from femtoseconds to minutes after light absorption, inactivation and reactivation with unprecedented accuracy in time and space. On the other hand, studies of microbial rhodopsins have unraveled the details of charge movement and proton/chloride transport along and against electrochemical gradients. The EMBO Conference on retinal protein will complement this understanding and extend it to novel transporters and channels for cations and anions, and to enzyme-rhodopsin with direct coupling of rhodopsin with an enzymatic unit. This conference will promote discussion and development of spectroscopic and structural technologies with high time resolution as time resolved UV/Vis-, Infrared-, and Raman-spectroscopy, NMR, ESR, X-ray, and bring these together with bimolecular simulations for the development of detailed dynamic models of photoreceptor operation. Novel rhodopsins will be promoted and their value for future studies discussed. These new insights into molecular processes will pave the ways for new applications in optogenetics, optotechnology and medicine.


  1. Prokaryotic rhodopsin, evolution and novel functional aspects
  2. Microbial rhodopsins, molecular details and application
  3. Channelrhodopsins
  4. Enzyme rhodopsins
  5. Invertebrate rhodopsin and non-visual pigments
  6. Vertebrate rhodopsins
  7. Rhodopsin-application, medical relevance
  8. Non-visual rhodopsin and synthetic photoreceptors


This EMBO Conference is the 17th International Conference on Retinal Proteins.


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Congratulations to the winner of the EMBO poster prize, Dr Seiji Wada for 'The molecular and cellular basis of the wavelength discrimination in the zebrafish pineal organ'


Congratulations to the winner of the Hector Fellow Academy Award for the best talk, Dr Elena Govorunova.

Hector Fellow Academy Award for Best Talk


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Invited chair persons and speakers



Download Final Scientific Programme



Early registration & abstract submission deadline

30 April 2016

Late registration & abstract submission deadline

31 May 2016

Selected participants will be notified by

30 June 2016

Payment deadline

15 July 2016



Early bird





Early bird










Registration includes:

The registration fee includes a conference bag with conference book, welcome drinks and food, lunch, tea and coffee breaks, evening drinks and snacks and the gala dinner. It does not include accommodation and optional excursions.



Payment details will be sent by email to successful applicants.


Selection criteria:

The primary criteria for selection are the novelty and quality of recent research and development of methods that have already or are expected to have a significant impact upon the development of the research field.


Abstract guidelines

Please submit the abstract through the online registration system.

Abstract text can be up to a maximum of 1500 characters .


Poster specifications

Please bring one copy of your printed poster; A0 size, portrait format.
Posters should have a border of a few centimeters to allow for the frame.


Speed presentation

Candidates will be chosen from the submitted poster abstracts. Please prepare a 5 min PowerPoint presentation explaining your poster and bring it with you on a USB memory stick.




Apel, Wiebke (Local Co-organizer)

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 30 2093 8830



Local Co-Organizers


Bartl, FranzCharité Berlin, Germany
Hofmann, Klaus PeterCharité Berlin, Germany
Apel, Wiebke Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany


venue map


Am Neuen Palais 10, 14469 Potsdam, Germany


Belonging to the University of Potsdam, the venue is located at the west end of the Sanssouci royal park in Potsdam. It is embedded in the New Palace, a historic building considered to be the last great Prussian baroque palace. The venue itself includes an auditorium for 300 people where we will hold all talks and short poster presentations. Full audio equipment including wireless internet access will be provided by the University of Potsdam. Furthermore, we will have 3 rooms for poster sessions, a summer pavilion on the lawn in front of the venue for tea/coffee breaks and a private area in the canteen, where attendees can have lunch together.


Information for the free afternoon

We will offer 4 different social events for the free afternoon (5 October 2016):

  1. Guided tour around Potsdam / Parc: € 10
  2. Bike tour along the Havel: € 10
  3. Walk (Potsdam): Spy bridge, Marmorpalais, Heiliger See, Russian Quarter (including day ticket Potsdam): € 5

Reservations must be made along with your registration.
Tickets will be sold during the first two days of the conference.





Participants are asked to book their own hotels. Please find below a list of different hotels in Potsdam (ranging from 5 star hotels to simple guest houses) in order to suit all budgets. These hotels are within short walking distances of the bus station. Buses to the venue leave every 10 minutes. Participants that like to get some exercise can either walk or cycle from Potsdam city center through the Parc Sansoucci (30 min walking / 10 min cycling distance). Some hotels provide bikes that can be rented on a daily basis. Otherwise there are several bike shops in town that rent bikes.

Suggested hotels list:

  • NH Voltaire, 4*, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 88, Potsdam, 66-100€, website
  • Am Jägertor, 4*, Hegelallee 11, Potsdam, 97-145€, website
  • Dorint Sanssouci, 4*, Jägerallee 20, Potsdam, from 37€, website
  • Pension Sanssouci,  3*, Zeppelinstraße 164a, Potsdam, from 25€, website
  • Schlossgarten Hotel am Park von Sanssouci, 3*, Geschwister- Scholl- Str. 41 A, Potsdam, 50€, website
  • Hotel Villa Monte Vino, 3*, Gregor-Mendel-Straße 27, Potsdam, from 69€, website
  • Bed & Breakfast am Luisenplatz, 2*, Zimmerstraße 1, Potsdam, from 64€, website
  • Bett-Point am Rathaus, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 78, Potsdam, 28€, website
  • Quartier Hostel Potsdam, Ribbeckstr. 41, Potsdam, from 19€, website
  • Steigenberger, 4*,Allee nach Sanssouci 1, Potsdam, from 84€, website



The venue can be easily reached by train and bus. Trains from Berlin-Potsdam or Brandenburg-Magdeburg stop every 20 minutes at the Parc Sanssoucci station (10 min walking distance or 2 min bus ride). Buses to and from Potsdam city center leave every 10 minutes. There are two airports available: Airport Berlin Tegel (Distance: 30.00 km) and Airport Berlin Schoenefeld (Distance: 35.00 km). Both airports can be easily reached by public transport within 40-60 min.