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Dynamic kinetochore

6 – 9 June 2017 | Edinburgh, UK

Registration deadline

15 January 2017

Abstract submission deadline

15 January 2017

Selected participants will be notified by

30th January 2017

Payment deadline

5th February 2017

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About the workshop

illustration 1The kinetochore is an essential molecular machine that drives chromosome segregation during mitosis and meiosis. The hundred or so kinetochore proteins identified to date have a wide range of functions including recognition of centromeric DNA to specify the position of the kinetochore, binding to spindle microtubules, mediating chromosome movement, and sensing and correcting errors during chromosome segregation. The field is moving at a rapid pace and the objective of this EMBO Workshop is to bring together both established and junior researchers in the field to share their latest work.


Topics include:

  • Epigenetic centromere specification and dynamics
  • Structure and Regulation of kinetochore function
  • Kinetochore microtubule interactions
  • Spindle assembly checkpoint signaling
  • Kinetochores and meiosis







Registration deadline

15 January 2017

Abstract submission deadline

15 January 2017

Selected participants will be notified by

30th January 2017

Payment deadline

5th February 2017


Registration Only


shared accommodation, Chancellor’s Court


single accommodation, Chancellor’s Court


single accommodation, Salisbury Green Hotel


*Fee for 3 nights accommodation.



Registration includes:

  • Admission to the scientific sessions
  • Abstract book
  • Lunches and coffee breaks
  • Welcome wine reception event on 6th June 2017
  • One organized dinner
  • Gala dinner and ceilidh

We also have a limited number of dependent and childcare awards for participants:
These claims can be for home-based childcare/dependent care expenses incurred because of meeting attendance (funds may not be applied to normal ongoing expenses), travel of a relative or other care provider to your home to care for your child(ren) while attending a meeting, travel of a care provider to the meeting with you to care for your child(ren) in that city. They will be limited to £250 per participants. Receipts and full justification will be required.


In addition, if a participant has limited or no funding to attend the meeting, there will be some travel awards available. Please contact the organizers for further details.

Selection Criteria

For the initial registration deadline, please limit the number of members from each lab to 2. Participants will be notified of any additional slots that remain available after January 30th 2017.


Abstract Guidelines


The maximum limit of 2,000 characters (ca. 200 words) refers to manually typed text (spaces included).


Please enter your co-authors manually via the system by adding accounts with their institution. Please do not copy-paste the abstract text within the box, otherwise it will not be indexed in the abstract book.


Please note that the abstract book will show a text only version of your abstract, so all style commands will be stripped once submitted. If you copy paste the text, hidden formatting might still be included and you will be informed that your text exceeds the limit of 2000 characters. We recommend either 1) saving your text as text only in your editor or Email programme or 2) copy-pasting it into Notepad and then onto the website. Some web browsers do not accept abstracts closer to the 2,000 character count.


A secure university pay website is being constructed for payment. A link will be sent to accepted participants




Christine Struthers

Phone: +44 131 6505668




venue map


South Hall Complex,
Pollock Halls,
University of Edinburgh,
Holyrood Park Road,
EH16 5AY

Accommodation Details


All accommodation is provided onsite. There is an option to share a room if participants request. This will be arranged on the individual basis.

Travel Details

Edinburgh Airport is the biggest airport in Scotland. Full information can be found here:
Edinburgh airport offers a lot of direct and connecting flights to and from more than 100 UK, European and international destinations. The airport is located 8 miles west of the capital and there are a range of transport options for travelling to and from the city centre.
South Hall is located within Pollock Halls, which is the location of the main University of Edinburgh student residences. Pollock Halls is located within approximately one and a half miles of the city centre and is well served by public transport.
The nearest railway line is at Waverley Station in the city centre.

The nearest bus stops are located on Dalkeith Road in excess of approximately 200 metres of South Hall. Lothian bus service numbers 2, 14, 30 and 33 stop on Dalkeith Road.  

About The Area

venue 1venue 2

The conference venue is centrally located and the accommodation is on site. Most tourist attractions (For example: Arthur seat, Royal mile, Holyrood palace) are within walking distance from the conference site.



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