Leadership and management skills are critical for a successful career in science. EMBO, in partnership with consulting teams, has designed this course specifically for the needs of group leaders.


  • Introduce you to key leadership concepts;
  • Develop further your own individual leadership style;
  • Equip you with key communication skills;
  • Learn how to effective select the right staff;
  • Expand your support network for leadership issues in the lab.

    The four-day EMBO Laboratory Management Course for Group Leaders covers topics including:

  • leadership skills;
  • communication skills;
  • negotiation skills;
  • conflict solving strategies;
  • effective problem solving;
  • staff selection;
  • team development
    Practical exercises, in the form of role-play and discussion groups, provide hands-on experience. "As much theory as necessary and as much practice as possible" is the principle of this course.

    Please note that you must be a group leader at the time of attending the course. If you are still a postdoc, we recommend the EMBO Laboratory Management Course for Postdocs.

    Before becoming an independent scientist, you just had to focus on science. Now you need to be able to deal with a much broader range of challenges, without any preparation. This course introduces you to key – yet simple – leadership concepts. It also gives you the chance to identify the different roles that you have to take, see where your strengths and resources lie, and identify strategies for coping with roles in which you are uncomfortable. Emotional Intelligence is the main predictor of success in positions of leadership. You will learn to use some models and instruments that will help you to understand yourself and others better, to manage yourself better and communicate effectively with them. In particular, you will practice tools that help you to give feedback and criticism, help your group members to learn how to solve many of their problems themselves, run meetings effectively, and delegate tasks effectively. You will also learn how to understand the dynamics between your lab members and how you can improve the lab's performance. Conflicts are a part of everyday lab life. We will show you how you can recognize and manage them, before they develop into an unmanageable crisis, and deal with any conflicts you may already have. Special emphasis is placed on how to prepare for and conduct effective interviews, so that you attract the right staff and students you need for your research.




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    69181 Leimen

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