Online talks


Interview - Eric Green

The legacy of the Human Genome Project - Eric Green, Director of NHGRI

Interview - Timothy Caulfield

Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing - What's in it for me? - Interview with Timothy Caulfield

Interview - Jane Kaye

Consent issues in genomic research - interview with Jane Kaye, University of Oxford

Genevieve Almzouni - Talk

Geneviève Almouzni – Epigenetics - Beyond the genome

Bartha Knoppers - Talk

Bartha M. Knoppers – The Global Alliance: Making it possible?

Jan Korbel - Talk

Jan Korbel – Human genetic variation in health & disease

Liselotte Højgaard - Talk

Liselotte Højgaard – Health care policy and research – for mutual benefit

Eric Green - Talk

Eric Green – Human genomics a decade after the Human Genome Project: Opportunities and challenges

Wolfram Henn - Talk

Wolfram Henn – Large-scale sequencing of the fetal genome: Is there a duty not to know?

Peter Goodfellow - Talk

Peter N. Goodfellow – Producing treatments: Products of the biomedical research complex

Paul Flicek - Talk

Paul Flicek – Ever bigger projects and genomics as an information science

Jane Kaye - Talk

Jane Kaye – From cottage industries to the Human Genome Project - Reflections on changing research practice

Buddug Cope - Talk

Buddug Cope – Personalized medicine and patient empowerment

Timothy Caulfield - Talk

Timothy Caulfield – Direct-To-Consumer genetic testing and personalized health: Assessing the risks and benefits

Helena Kääriäinen - Talk

Helena Kää̈riä̈inen – Genetic counselling: New approaches needed

Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale - Talk

Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale – Genomics in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer

Estée Török - Talk

Estée Török – Use of whole-genome sequencing in diagnostic and public health microbiology

Ernst Hafen - Talk

Ernst Hafen – Genome meets iPhone - The future of personal health data